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Easy Wallpaper Hanging is Hard Work

Easy wallpaper hanging is only easy because someone is an expert. It’s actually very hard work that takes intense concentration and skill. Sure, it looks easy. You’d think if you can hang pictures or neatly wrap packages, you can do wallpaper. But there is lots of measuring and layout involved. You have to know exactly how to make the surface smooth beforehand. Then there’s the skill of drawing out how you’ll install it, and which way to work around the room. That’s before you get to the gluing process, which is where many people have huge problems.

Wallpapering is Trickier Than It Looks

You also need to know techniques like tucking and trimming and hiding seams. Maybe you can read about those, or watch them in a how-to video. But doing it right takes lots of practice. Practicing with wallpaper tends to waste lots of good wallpaper you had to buy. Meanwhile, it’s a really messy activity. You can get glue on fine furniture, flooring, or on clean rolls of wallpaper and ruin them. The fact is, sometimes you need years of wallpaper installation practice to get good at it. That’s especially true for high-dollar wallpaper…like hand-blocked and painted styles. But even bargain-priced wallpaper gives people fits. Stripes and patterns aren’t the only kinds that are tough to line-up. So is plain wallpaper. Plus you need to know all about surface prep and gluing techniques. Due to the difficult nature of hanging wallpaper, it gets stressful.

Easy Wallpaper Hanging Requires Expert Planning

To help ensure easy wallpaper hanging, the professionals may spend hours just planning the job. If you think prepping a room to paint is hard, that’s much simpler than preparing for a wallpaper project. In addition to surface prep you’d do to paint, you also have to plan the arrangement of each wallpaper sheet. Overlapping at seams may be required. But wallpaper that has designs on it doesn’t always overlap in the right spot. Also, plain wallpaper tends to show seams easier. When you apply glue, you have to know how thick and how much time to let it soak. Don’t drip any, either, or you’ll spend the whole project just trying to clean up after yourself. Because it’s so unsightly, a tiny smear of glue can wreck the job.

There’s No Substitute for Experience

Experience teaches how to match up complex wallpaper patterns at the seams, or how to properly wallpaper across a corner. Because it’s such a complex set of skills, it’s usually easy, cheaper, and less frustrating to hire a wallpaper professional. Perhaps the most experienced in the entire Kansas City area is KC Professional Wallpapering, with 40 years of experience. Don’t try to learn it all yourself. Just give them a call. They’re affordable, and have a spotless reputation for honesty and superior customer service. Hiring seasoned professionals like KC Professional Wallpapering takes all the pressure and frustration out of hanging wallpaper. You can just focus on picking your favorite wallpaper. Then sit back and watch how beautifully it transforms your rooms.

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