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When you’re looking for a wallpaper hanging company that can transform your interior walls, you need a company that has the right experience and puts customer service first. You don’t have to choose one over the other. The process of transforming your interior walls can seem daunting, but with the right plan it’s easier than you think. Whether it’s a new wallpaper hanging, wallpaper removal, or new interior painting, you deserve an end result you’re going to love.


Looking to give your space a new look? Wallpaper hanging is what I do best. Whether it’s a multi-million-dollar home or a modest home, I put the same quality workmanship into every project. Wallpaper hanging is my passion, and I treat every job the same. I work with you from design to finish to make sure you get the interior walls you’ll be able to enjoy for years. 

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When wallpaper is hung, it should be hung with the intention of lasting. This means removing old paper and prepping your walls can be a challenge.  Although stripping the paper may be easy, the difficult part comes in properly preparing your walls for the next application, whether it be new paper or paint. I’ve been hanging and removing wallpaper for 40+ years and can ensure your walls will be ready for whatever comes next.


A wallpaper hanging company that does interior paint? You bet! I specialize in interior walls and making them look great. And, it’s the attention to detail that really matters.  If you have wallpaper and are looking to convert to paint, I can properly strip the paper, prep the surface, and paint your walls. If you’re just looking for a new look or color, I can do that too!

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Dean Ethridge, Wallpaper Hanger

Meet Dean Ethridge

I first got my feet wet working as an apprentice for a lady who had mastered the craft of wallpaper hanging. The first year I was only allowed to do the labor tasks involved with hanging wallpaper, and soaked up all the knowledge I could by asking lots of questions. Eventually I was allowed to hang wallpaper on my own. My mentor always instilled the need to take the time to do the job right once – taking short cuts always leads to more work later on. Gradually, I got to where I was measuring for jobs, covering vents and switch plates to match the wallpaper pattern, and was doing all the different stages of preparation.

I kept at it, and was able to put myself through college from what I made hanging wallpaper. After living and working in Memphis for a few years, I moved back to Kansas City where I was born and raised. I perfected my trade working with newly constructed homes and businesses. Like all trades, it comes down to practice, practice, practice. After 40 years in the wallpaper industry, I know my practice has paid off.

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